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Central One Optical is a proud, family owned optical laboratory and adheres to the highest ANSI standards along with meeting and exceeding the expectations of our Eye Care Professionals.  Central One Optical is well-known as a full service optical laboratory featuring the latest in technology in all major categories:

  • Lens manufacturing- Central One Optical is one of the first optical laboratory to process full backside prescriptions.  The “only optical laboratory” to produce full backside prescription by the three major lens manufacturers that has worldwide recognition which are Shamir, Seiko, and Essilor.
  • Anti-Reflective – Central One Optical produces world-renowned Anti-Reflective lenses: Crizal Easy UV, Crizal Alize UV, Crizal Avance UV.  Central One Optical is also identified by our Oc2 brand.  Our state of the art Anti-Reflective facility has been recognized by industry pundits as one of the finest facilities in North America.
  • Central One Optical is acknowledged for our high quality laboratory that produces the best 3-piece mounts by world famous designers such as Cartier, Silhouette, Prada, and numerous others.  Our commitment to technology has set us apart from the competition.