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Don’t Let Foggy Lenses Interfere With Your Life!

Introducing the one and only BLUE
LIGHT PROTECTION & FOG REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY in a single lens manufactured In House.

OC Blue Anti-Fog filters harmful blue-violet light that is commonly transmitted from smart phones, laptops, TV’s and LED light bulbs in the 400-455nm range of the light spectrum. OC Blue Antifog also repels the fog on the lens that is so commonly experienced while wearing a protective mask under your eyewear.

There is no other lens treatment delivers this level of complete protection against the two most common challenges that eyeglass wearers face in today’s world.

With each order of OC Blue Antifog,  your patient will receive an activator cloth, designed to ensure that both the front and back surfaces of the lens maintain a fog repellent performance for the life of the Rx.  Each applicator cloth is provided with instructions on how to properly administer for the best performance.