Our Brands

Central One Optical has spent years refining its products to exceed the market’s expectations. By combining years of industry experience with the most cutting-edge equipment and techniques, our patented designs have resulted in technologically superior optics for patients who prefer a sophisticated lens design.


iProformance™ – iProformance provides superior optics in a full back side lens design. iProformance symmetrical, soft design relocates astigmatism in even proportions to its nasal and temporal locations, allowing both eyes to work together.

OC2/OC2+ OC Blue– Oc2 text provides superior optics in a full back side lens design. OC Blue lenses reduce the impact that harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light has on our eyes. By reducing this ‘bad’ blue light, OC Blue lenses can help prevent retina damage caused by digital eyestrain.