Tips to a Successful Lab Relationship

  1. We have many experts here to help you with the tough jobs…  

    Honestly, how many of us are experts at everything?  But, to optimize the patient’s vision, we must handle compensated powers, slab-offs and other tough job as expertly as we do an ‘easy’ SV kids.



2. More Money for you!

Finance growth and green line

      1. The Network offers programs to help with better pricing and free shipping just from purchasing with their labs and buying group
        1. Rebates – Shamir, Kodak, VSP, Safilo, Lux, ALCON, Vistakon
          1. Are you minimizing your frame returns?
        2. Marketing co-op
          1. Are there programs that your lab is running that can be translated to patient engagement?
        3. Growth discounts
          1. Are you meeting volume requirements?
        4. Bundling purchase leverage programs
          1. Are you eligible for free shipping?
      2. How can you access these ever-changing and evolving programs?


3. Helpful Communication with you CALLMEDRKASH

      1. WIP reports – It takes a village to please patients.  If you are reviewing your WIP reports, there should never be surprises on job status.  You would be surprised how many practices do not review these daily.!
      2. Phone calls – Please takes notes of your phone call with your lab, just like you would with any call you make for the practice.  If we need to call you back, and you aren’t there, your team members will benefit from your notes.
      3. RX analysis report – This tool shows what products you are using with your lab in great detail.


      1. Sales Rep – this person is your partner and will help you with any requests, and can help you stay up to speed on best practices across the industry.
        1. Example:  The more they know the more they can be your advocate.  If you have an issue, including the job # will greatly expedite any issue resolution.  Also, IF you have seen the issue before, please reference the specifics as well.  Anecdotes are difficult for the team to take action to help you.
      2. Customer Service staff – Remember, they are here to help you.  
      3. Emails/Memos – Does your lab have the best email address for you and your team?   An email exchange with your lab with provide fast and effective communication, plus then it’s already written down to refer to later.LETMEKNOWDRKASH
      4. Building trust with you – We only win if you win, and you only win if the patients win.  So, please trust that we all want your practice to be wildly successful!
      5. Surveys – When your lab sends a survey, answer honestly, sometimes this is a great way to ensure the team in the lab can best appreciate your feedback.


4. Education for your practice

You may want to have many lens types available for when a patient asks for a specific lens, you have it available, but…

    1. Which lenses does your staff present to patients?
    2. Which lens differences that benefit them?
    3. Are they made aware of these during their lens selection process?   SUCCESSTIPPART4

5) Joint Commitment Wins!

If you treat your lab like a partner with focused spend and in your interactions, then you will maximize the support you receive in return both financially and otherwise.  The opposite  is true as well…  Any time you treat your vendor like a number, it’s highly unlikely that you will receive a much from the relationship as you would like.
image (21)

6)     We think of you as family

a.      You had me with hello!…wait sorry, quote movie quote…  Oh yeah this one makes more sense…  Help me Help you!  Ah, that sounds better…

b.     The more quality conversations we have with you around where you are and where you’re going, the more we can help….you complete me.

c.     If you don’t remember Jerry Maguire, talk to someone who does, and this tip will make much more sense…

d.     BTW –  I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke, wearing your own shoe, playing a saga game featuring you, while singing your own song in a new commercial, starring you, broadcast during the Super Bowl in a game you are winning, and I will not sleep until that happens…  This is how much success we want you to have as a practice!!!image (22)