October 2017


October 17, 2017

  • Is your office up-to-date with these advancements? Are they comfortable enough with the benefits of the technology to help patients get the optimal visual solution for them every time?
  • Digital processing customizes the prescription for your patient much better than traditional surfacing. 
  • I bet you have a digital TV at home.  Doesn’t it make sense look through digitally enhanced lenses at a digital TV?
  • Help your patient see their best and look their best with the right technology to meet their needs.



EastWest Eye Conference is the premier optometric conference for those located in the Midwest. Sponsored by the Ohio Optometric Association, this conference features an extensive continuing education program for doctors and staff that includes sessions on contact lenses, glaucoma, low vision, neuro-optometric rehabilitation, pediatrics, disease, retina, sports vision and practice management.letsgo


While at the conference, visit us at Booth #310 and see how you can get $250?
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October 24, 2017

1 – Are you confident you understand the different reward programs for growth (%) and spend levels ($) from manufacturers AND distributors?   

  • The manufacturers’ programs are yours regardless of where you get your lenses. 
  • The distributor’s program needs to be analyzed separately to ensure you have the best information for decision making.
  • Make sure you have a copy of the program in your hand with dates showing when the program is even valid to avoid confusion.thinking

2 – What restrictions does a distributor put on trials vs. ‘sell’ lenses?

  • You will not likely receive the program benefits, or other concessions (like free shipping), if you do not buy most of your soft contact from the same place you get your trial lenses from


3 – How are returns handled? 

  • Each distributor and manufacturer handles this differently. Be sure to understand:
  • How long does it take for a credit to be posted to your account?  Can you get a solid commitment to have your returns processed in a specified number of days?
  • Do you receive full credit without a cover order?
  • How do the returns get sent back?  Does the rep pick them up?  Do you pay for return shipping?

4 – What is your NET pricing, (e.g. Buying Group)?

You should always fully understand the impact of your buying group decision on your soft contact lens pricing.

  • How much of the negotiates savings or support get to your pocket?
  • Are there benefits associated with your buying group or doctors’ alliance membership that you do not use or that can be waived for your practice, and perhaps you can receive something your do value in return?   
  • For example, if your practice is in Alaska, you might not expect to benefit from a sponsored dinner at EastWest.  Perhaps they would be willing to come train your staff on the doctor handoff over a lunch or dinner instead.letsdolunch

5 – Are requirements for free shipping even regularly attainable? Many factors can determine whether you receive your expected free shipping or not.

  Is your bill paid in full every month?

  • Are there ‘handling’ fees charged to your account in lieu of shipping charges?
  • Are energy or fuel surcharges assessed regardless?
  • Are 100% of your annual supplies’ shipped free of charge?
  • Will performance in another business line impact you soft contact lens lens shipping?
  • Will backorders be expedited at no cost to you?


Key additional value driver: car—->Does your distributor rep hand the practice monitor, train, and improve your practice’s processes?

  • Assistance with the physical handoff from the doctor to the contact lens specialist
  • Pricing and product bundling support to drive up annual supply purchases
  • Training and patient marketing materials around modality shifts?  (e.g. out of two-week lenses)