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Top 5 things to consider when choosing a buying group

1) Fees . . . Profit Suckers! 

Avoid these 3 profit suckers costs when you join the Dr. Kash’s Central 1 Optical Network.  Keep your profits in your pockets!


  • Are you charged a percentage of your purchases at the end of the month?
  • Is there a fee when you join?
  • Are random ‘administrative’ costs tacked onto your buying group bill?

3 things you can count on with Dr. Kash’s Central 1 Optical Network..

NO administrative costs

NO monthly fees, AND

NO membership fees at all as a member in our buying group.*

2) Rewards for purchasing . . .profit balloonsbonvoyage

Who doesn’t love being rewarded for regular purchases? Where will you go with your rewards?

  • Just like a percentage earned on credit card purchases, Central 1 Optical Network issues TravelFlo rewards when you purchase more than $1500 a month in the buying group and $3500 in lab purchases. TravelFlo rewards aren’t just air miles like one earns with their credit card, but you can shop and splurge on their website for gift cards, merchandise, or a vacation! 

3) Discounts AND Savings…

  • Most buying groups offer savings when you bundle your vendor purchases together plus potential larger vendor discounts than when you go direct.

But what about actual dollar savings going back into your office’s pocket?makeitrain

  • Dr. Kash’s Central 1 Optical Network offers free shipping on lab and contact lens purchases. For example, at just $8 per day in shipping charges that’s OVER $2,000 per year.

4) Consolidated Billing-

  • Reconciling statements for each vendor can be a hassle and take a lot of time. By joining a buying group you get peace of mind.  Don’t do it alone.

5) Large vendor selection-gotyourback

  • By focusing you spend with a select few suppliers, they become partners not just a name on a check.  But, those partners MUST have enough to offer you to warrant your focus.  Many categories should be considered including; Frames, Soft Contacts, Equipment, Software, & Services.

*as long as an account is in good standing, e.g. paying your bill on time.

…. written by Dr. Kash!!