Central One Optical is renowned for producing some of the best 3-piece mounts in the industry. Our cutting-edge laboratory has worked on developing frames with some of the world’s most famous designers, including Cartier Silhouette, and Prada, among others.

Kasperek USA Optical® – Kasperek USA is a family-owned and operated national distributor of wholesale eyewear and optical accessories. Since 1978, Kasperek USA has provided the best possible selection and quality from many of the top fashion houses in the industry.

ZYLOWARE ranks as a leading American source for eyewear, sunglasses and optical accessories. For over 93 years, Zyloware has provided top quality products and in-house services including design, marketing, quality control and customer service.

Nouveau Eyewear supplies ophthalmic frames to international, national and regional eyewear retailers, mass merchants, wholesalers, independent doctors of optometry and opticians. Since its inception in 1985…

Eyewear Designs Ltd. is recognized for having the finest collection of designer eyewear brands in the industry. Each collection offers design inspirations brand eyewear with innovative styling, manufactured to the highest quality…

Red88 Eyewear, Inc. Launched in 2001, Red88’s mission is to distribute unique and fun eyewear collections to independent optical boutiques and optometrists. Through a unique assortment of artisan brands, many are created exclusively for us and will not be available to chains or discount stores, we offer an eyewear collections that’s inspired, modern and one of a kind.

The name Red88 came from an Asian tradition in which the color red and the number 88 are timeless symbols of good fortune, prosperity and appreciation. We believe that our unique selection of eyewear frames will bring fortune, prosperity, and appreciation to your store and your customers. Red88 Eyewear…..committed to providing artistic and unique eyewear to you.

Velvet Logo and word Large

Velvet Eyewear is a luxury brand that embodies sexy and sophisticated styles, yet is relaxed and comfortable. Our designs are inspired by iconic American fashion and culture to create timeless styles.

Founder and Creative Director Cindy Hussey has an eye for detail and a practical sense as an optician that enable her to design luxurious eyewear specifically for women and their unique features and styles.

The Velvet Eyewear® Sunglasses and Optical frames are manufactured in Italy and other fine factories offering outstanding quality, materials, and craftsmanship.