Lenses Overview

Central One Optical uses the most modern technologies and techniques to manufacture eyeglass lenses that meet and exceed the expectations of eye care professionals across the United States. We specialize in our anti-reflective coating lenses, which we make for some of the most renowned brands in the industry.


Shamir – At Shamir, we ReCreate Perfect Vision™ by offering the most advanced technological lens solution available to the marketplace at any given time, delivering unparalleled customer service, and providing high quality comprehensive educational programs to the optical industry.

KBco Lenses

KBco polarized lenses are specifically designed to eliminate reflective glare and offer UV protection for prescription or non-prescription sunglass lenses. With seven colors available, KBco offers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios. Products include gradient polarized…

Seiko Optical Products of America: Eyewear That Performs. We seek to produce eyewear that performs the best for every individual through our global, industry-leading technology, design and quality. We pursue clear sight, sophisticated design, and a comfortable fit by offering quality

Younger Optics

Younger Optics Younger Optics is committed to maintaining its reputation as a Quality Lens Innovator by anticipating and meeting its customers’ needs. We strive to make the quality of our products and services the best in the industry as defined by our customers

Essilor Lenses

The Right Vision Solutions: No matter your age and visual requirements, Essilor offers the exact lens solution you need to see your best. From computer glasses and single vision lenses to progressive lens and prescription polarized eyewear, Essilor provides the right vision…


You only get one set of eyes. And BluTech Lenses from Eye Solutions Technologies are the only lenses you’ll ever need for a lifetime of improved contrast, acuity, depth and color perception. Committed to the lifelong preservation of your vision, BluTech Lenses specializes…

Chemistrie Sunlenses

For the first time ever, your primary pair of lenses can become a fashionable, stylish, high-performance pair of sunglasses-with the Chemistrie Lens Layering System. Chemistry Sunlenses are custom-made to fit virtually any frame. For activities ranging from…